Fall Figures

With the days getting shorter and the gardens tilled and covered, late autumn can seem pretty dreary.  Rather than seeing only the drab shades of brown that are left after the fall foliage is all gone, November is a perfect and fleeting time to appreciate the unadorned form and figures nature offers us. 

Before the snow flies and hides the clean lines of trees and stones, take a moment to bring these simple decorations into your fall decorating.  Whether it’s taking photographs of your empty garden at dusk or collecting and drying ornamental grasses and grapevines, you can have a piece of the outdoors with you even during the coldest months. 

Decorating with fall forms can range from elaborately ornamented centerpieces to simple berry and grapevine wreaths, depending on your style.  The important thing to remember with fall decorations is not to hide the shape of your materials.  Let the bare bones shine through and give your decorating pieces the freedom to shape themselves as they will.  It’s all about working with the original form.  You will find that your pieces will be more interesting and feel more natural if you do.


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