Planning a plant swap

Now is the ideal time to begin planning a plant swap to cheer up those midwinter blues.    Set a date for late February or early March, sometime between major holidays to see dear friends and begin thinking of spring.

Unlike many events where everything else is prepared before sending out invitations, a plant swap should send out invitations as quickly as possible.  This way, you and your guests will have an idea of how many swaps can take place (by how many people will be coming) and have time to create cuttings that really have time to thrive before the party.

Don’t limit yourself just to cuttings though, many gardeners have lovely flower books they no longer need or seeds they have saved, or even lightly used garden tools that they may have too many of. 

When guests rsvp, ask what type of seed, plant, or other object they would like to swap.  This will keep everyone from bringing one type of plant (say an aloe) and no one really getting to swap.  Or if you like, on each person’s invitation drop a subtle hint about a plant you really enjoy that they grow, for instance:

Dear Mary,

I would like to invite you to a garden swap on March 20th at 1:00 pm.  We will be swapping anything and everything garden related, including plants, books or flower pots.  But Mary, I’ve always particularly loved your Jade plant it’s so lush!  I hope you will be bringing some cuttings of it, as I’ve never had good luck with Jade plant myself, and I need a little of your green magic!  I’ll be bringing a variety of cuttings and seeds, but if there is a particular plant you would like, do let me know, I’d be so happy to share!  I look forward to seeing you- the company and the beautiful plants will surely banish everyone’s winter blues!



This way, you and your guests have a chance to both admire each person’s handiwork and request the plants they would truly like and can use. 

As time goes on, we will of course return to the topic of a swap party, but for now, letting everyone know to get ready and start their cuttings is a great way to start!


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